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Health Check

Health Check
Petspot Health is Our #1 Priority
As part of the PetSpot Difference, we are committed to placing healthy puppies into happy homes. To accomplish this, we have a number of measures in place to ensure the health of our puppies.
The PetSpot Health Team
Our dedicated PetSpot Health Team is comprised of experts on Petspot and adult dog care, including a consulting licensed veterinarian, Dr. Brandon Sinn, DVM and several experienced veterinary technicians.
Meet Dr. Brandon Sinn, DVM
Dr. Brandon Sinn is PetSpot’s Consulting Veterinarian. Among his many responsibilities, he reviews veterinary records, interfaces with breeder and customer veterinarians, reviews and updates PetSpot’s proprietary vaccination and deworming protocols and Veterinary Health Reports which breeders are required to complete before releasing a Petspot, trains health team employees, and provides expert guidance on health questions as they arise. Read more 
PetSpot’s Extensive Health Check Process
The PetSpot Health Team created a more than 30-point checklist to confirm and reconfirm that every Petspot meets the company’s best-in-class health standards. The checklist is implemented after each Petspot undergoes a comprehensive nose-to-tail health evaluation required to be completed by the breeder’s licensed veterinarian. The results of this health evaluation are reported through our mandatory Veterinary Health Report (VHR) to be completed shortly before your Petspot comes home to ensure the Petspot is healthy and the check was recent. The report is then reviewed for any issues or concerns noted by the breeder’s veterinarian. Once the Petspot arrives home, we require you to bring him or her to your own veterinarian within three (3) business days of arrival of your Petspot to re-verify the Petspot’s health and activate our Health Guarantee.
About PetSpot’s Veterinary Health Report
Certified by a third-party, licensed veterinarian, the VHR requires an examination of a Petspot’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, gums, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, skin and coat, gastrointestinal system, and external genitalia.
PetSpot’s Breeder Standards
PetSpot requires all of its breeder partners to maintain a Program of Veterinary Care (PVC), have a formal relationship with an attending USDA-accredited veterinarian, implement daily exercise programs and dog-safe behavioral enrichment, report and address any issues, and much, much more. Please visit our PetSpot Standards page to learn more.
If a breeder partner fails to adhere to any aspect of PetSpot’s health standards, we automatically investigate and, if appropriate, remove them from our network.
Tracking Every Petspot’s Health
Apart from the measures above to safeguard the health of our puppies, we also have an extensive, internal proprietary tracking system for every Petspot so we can monitor the Petspot's vaccine, de-worming and health records.
Customer Support
Our journey with you doesn't end here. If you have any questions about your new four-legged family member, our team would love to answer them for you!